The New Profit Sharing Plan

Join a Profit Sharing Program to benefit from expertise and funds of large investors..

What is Profit Sharing ?

Profit Sharing is a type of account managed by a professional trader and funded by investor traders. It allows beneficial fiduciary management for all parties involved, including investors, manager and partners.

How to benefit from Profit Sharing ?


Creating/Connecting to Vantage FX


1 000€

Create a Vantage FX account (if you don’t already have one) by clicking the buttom below. Then make a minimum deposit of €1,000.


Profit Sharing account login

Choose the mode



Choose the risk mode you want for the Profit Sharing account.


Verification of your request



Once your strategy is chosen, we accept the request within 24H if everything is conform.

Create your Profite Sharing account now.

An easy and efficient way to manage your trading portfolio with the help of an experienced fund manager.


Follow in real time the performances of the portfolio account, as well as the trading strategies and positions.

Reduced risks

Fund managers are professionals who have acquired additional experiences and skills over time.

Time saving

Make money without worrying about volatility, events or strategies. Our professionals take care of it all.